What’s in a name? A Goth by any other name would not be.


Heroes and ancient warriors collected names. Think of biblical characters, Tolkien’s heroes, or ancient kings with their list of titles. Quite impressive, especially compared to our simple John Robert Smith. (My apologies if that is your name.)

So, how do you go about choosing a name?

In Gothic, names basically consisted of combining two meanings into a single world. For example, Alaric in Gothic is Ala-reiks. This is a combination of “all” (Ala) and “ruler (reiks). Thus, this sacker of Rome lived up to his name as ruler of all.

Here are some common name parts that you can connect to make your own or use for your characters.

Choose one of these beginnings based on its meaning.

Ahta Terrible
Alh Temple
Anda Courage
Ans God
Athala Noble
Auda Wealth
Badwa Battle
Gaisu Spear
Harya Army
Liuda People
Mahta Mighty
Ragina Counsel
Swintha Strong
Thauris Daring
Wulfa Wolf

Next, add an ending.

-bawds War
-balths Bold
-friths peace
-gais Spear
-haryis Army
-mers Famous
-nanths Daring
-swinths Strong
-wakrs Watchful

One final comment—Gothic names were often redundant, or even contradictory. For example, Gaisugais means spear spear. Or Badwafriths means battle peace. But I feel that if you pick a name, you’ll want to be able to show how it matches you. So be careful of meaning–unless, of course, you are a redundant or contradictory person.

So, choose your name, add it to your collection, and do your best to imitate the heroes of old.


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