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Besides writing historical fiction, I enjoy an eclectic range of hobbies: playing piano and composing music, hand balancing, reading Greek, Hebrew and Latin, and teaching English as a Second Language to students from over fifteen countries. I’m married to my first and only girlfriend, and I play at the park with my two young children, as this gives me an excuse to hang on the monkey bars. I live in West Michigan.

On this blog, I write historical tidbits, motivational ideas, and writing tips. 1) Historically, I am interested in most time periods and places from the Garden of Eden through early 1900s. Currently I am focusing on ancient Roman and medieval Spanish history. 2) Regarding inspiration, I take ideas from motivational authors and fitness specialists, seeking to come up with time savers and life hacks to improve writing with a family. 3) Writing tips include author interviews and advice on editing. Few of us like editing, but must of us now when its wrong.


5 thoughts on “About me

    • It helps me see the world from a different perspective. And there is something so much more amazing about doing circus-like activities than in lifting heavy weights in the gym or doing hundreds of pushups. (Then again, those are on my training)

  1. My 12 year old son would like to read Alaric for a research project and presentation, but the only copy I can find is $1,000 on Amazon. Are there any less expensive options?

    • Hi Maureen, glad to hear that you’re son is interested!

      I think the best option I have is to send you a digital copy (PDF). It won’t look like a book, but everything else is the same and if you have a Kindle or other device it will read like a book. Please email me at danielfrankbowman@yahoo.com, and I’ll send it for free.

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