Why didn’t the Goths take over the Roman Empire? 4 reasons

goths on move

After the tragic defeat of the Roman army at Adrianople in 378, the Goths were loose in the empire. The eastern emperor was dead, along with two-thirds of his army. No other army remained in the east, and definitely none that could face them in battle. So, why didn’t the Goths take over the empire?

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Freedom to quit–3 reasons to take it easy on yourself

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Freedom to quit–3 reasons to take it easy on yourself (part 1)

“I wake up, I get up, and I never ever give up,” said one of my graduating students in his motivating speech. He spent about nine months trying to pass through the levels of our English program, failing several times and desperately wishing to return home to see his daughters in Saudi Arabia. I had encouraged him to stay that last month, knowing he could make it. Then, he would actually finish instead of looking back at this time in his life and always wondering, “What if I had tried one more time?”

The goal of this article is not motivation for determination, however.

Rather, this article asks the question, “When is it best to give up?”
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The Single Largest Cause of Writer’s Block–Might Not Be What You Believe

Writer’s Block?
The cure may be something you’ve never asked. Check out Kristen Lamb’s blog for the answer.

The Single Largest Cause of Writer’s Block–Might Not Be What You Believe.

3 Reasons to Give Yourself a Break


It’s 11:00 at night and you known you can’t reach your writing goal of 1,000 words for the day. Because so far you have zero. So you choose not to write.

What a lame excuse!

But is there any other way to handle failing your goals?

Try this: lower your expectations.

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Interview with Zoe Saadia

Today’s interview is with Zoe Saadia, author of a number of books on the Pre-Columbian Americas. She is best known for The Highlander, the first in her The Rise of the Aztec series.

Hi Daniel. Thank you for your interest in my work. I’m truly honored.



1. What information did you for this little-known setting? Are there any sources still around from that time?
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Interview with Derek Birks

Today I’m interviewing Derek Birks, author of “Feud,” a novel of the War of Roses. “Feud” is the compelling story of Ned Elder, his sisters and the girl he loves. As the civil war rages across a snow-covered battlefield, they fight for survival and the bitter feud is played out to its bloody conclusion.

1.Why did you choose the Wars of Roses?
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