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In the forests north of the Danube River, a land which the Romans could never hold, live the Tervingi, a Gothic people. Though every man is able to fight in times of war, few are trained to hold a shield wall, and fewer have appropriate weapons. Alaric, the son of a clan leader, wants for nothing more than to live an adventure. He goes to live with Fritigern, another clan leader, to learn the ways of a warrior. But upon reaching Fritigern’s land, they find that the Huns have come from the east, killing all in their path; no one can stand against them. After a tragic loss, the Tervingi realize their only chance of life—seeking refuge in the Roman Empire.

But after the crossing, the Roman officials place the Tervingian horde in concentration camps, where merchants demand children as the price for a meal. The Tervingi refuse to submit to this—and from that moment on, they are driven to survive in the face of death, to make a home for their people, and to exact revenge on Rome at the epic battle of Adrianople.


Alaric, Child of the Goths won Creative Print’s International Unpublished Authors Competition in 2012 (which had over 600 submissions).


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