Sack of Rome, Day 3


On this date in 410, Rome was experiencing its third day of siege by the Goths under the command of Alaric.

What made this event unique?

  1. Rome had not been attacked for 800 years. Not since the Gauls in 390 BC had Rome’s enemies reached the eternal city.

How were the enemies allowed to get inside?
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Number one tip to overcome weariness

Keep it simple


Try it with your daily goals

Some people try to write 1,000 words each day or exercise 30 minutes three times a week. These are helpful, but sometimes they seem like too much.

So keep it simpler.

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Onekama – 4 easy tips on using commas

My hometown is Onekama, Michigan. But nobody knows how to say it, so many people have shirts that say “1,” making fun of tourists’ attempts at pronouncing it. (Get it? “one comma.”) But those who are from the place know the real pronunciation: “Oh-neh-ka-ma.”

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