History of the World According to the Movies: Part 17 – Pre-Columbian America


History of the World According to the Movies: Part 17 – Pre-Columbian America.


Top 5 reasons to read historical fiction

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Why read historical fiction?

1. It’s true.

Now, before you call me a liar and lecture me on the definition of “fiction,” let me rephrase that—it’s mostly true. Unlike movies, which can succeed without a shred of truth, historical fiction generally stays true to the facts. Our readers keep us honest!

Just be sure to read the author’s notes on what was fictionized.

2. It’s better than text books.

I’ve always loved history, but most of my history classes were boring. Facts, dates, names… Who cares? But reading about people in real

situations from the past—I could spend the rest of my life doing that.

3. It expands your horizons.

Visiting other parts of the world helps you think about life and gives you ideas you could not think while remaining in your own culture.

But let’s be honest. Most tourist attracts around the world are pretty westernized. Historical fiction, however, preserves the best of traditional cultures. What better way to view the world!

4. It’s great on a budget.

No money to visit ancient Egypt? Check out a book from the library, and go there when the mummies still had flesh on them, when the pharaohs ruled and chariots raced past.

Not even a five-star tour can rival that!

5. It shows true heroes.

Heroes still exist nowadays, but often it’s hard to know who will end well. So many people seem like great role models until… But historical fiction tells of those who lived well, ended well, and died well. You can find perfect examples of people to emulate.

And just in case you are curious, it has real life villains worse than any from other kinds of fiction, monsters who will disgust you and terrorize your soul… should you chose to read about them.

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