What to do while waiting — Part 1


So, you’re a writer now. Congratulations!

But you’re waiting to get published.

What do you do, besides starting the process over by writing another book? What can help you get published? What can lead to sales when the publication finally happens?

Part 1: Create a website, but don’t…


1. Don’t talk about your personal life.

Unless you are Stephen King, few readers will desire to read your blog memoirs. Focus on what the reader—not just you—is interested in. Have a separate website or blog for your personal life.

With that said, tell about yourself on your “about me” page. Readers want to meet you, but not feel inundated with your daily life.


2. Don’t write in spurts.

It’s hard to post regularly, and I’m definitely a hypocrite in this area. But set a simple goal, such as one blog entry per week. Begin after you have a few backup entries to cover the busy times. Then, instead of posting them all, save the extras until you need them. It’s better to post regularly than in spurts. To keep regular, schedule when posts will go online. (To really keep regular, add some fiber to your diet as well.)


3. Don’t clutter your page.

The blog feature is helpful here, as you can put just the intro on the blog, inviting readers to click for the entire article. Make sure you have a place for them to like and share it, too.

For a website, use a cover page. Just like a resume cover letter, this is audience-focused. So, pictures of your family or a story about your dog may not be appropriate here.


4. Don’t ignore fans

Get notified when people contact you so you can promptly respond. Even though authors are regular people and not always celebrities, isn’t it exciting when they respond to comments?


5. Don’t forget your book

Think of it like how parents talk about their children. Of course, some new parents say far too much**, but most have a tasteful balance of showing their love and passion for the kids without overdoing it. Others enjoy hearing what is new because of the parents’ enjoyment. Make it the same way with your book. Your enthusiasm should be contagious.

(Ideas adapted from Writer’s Guide 2012)



Other advice? What should writers avoid on their websites?








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