Four More Habits of Successful Writers

The Editor's Guide to Christian Publishing

by guest writer Katie Heid.

Having trouble disciplining yourself to write? Check out the second post in our series, “Habits of Successful Writers.”


Set a timer for focused free writing – Sometimes writers are so focused on constructing that first sentence or the perfect story that they paralyze themselves. Creativity flows from unrestricted opportunity. Instead of placing restrictions on your words, allow yourself the time to discover what you have to say. Set a timer for 10, 15, or 20 minutes and then write. Don’t stop to correct grammar; don’t evaluate whether sentences make sense. Just write until the buzzer sounds. Then evaluate what good ideas emerged from your session.

Write a Crummy First Draft A little known fact about famous authors is that they all wrote really, really lousy first drafts. Anne Lamott writes “All good writers write [these drafts]. This is how they end up with…

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