What Novelists Can Learn From Screenwriters

Jot Writers Conference

Hello Jotters! We are less than two weeks away from Jot 3.

The Weaklings could not be more excited about the latest addition of Jot. Not only do we have an excellent line up of presenters, but are offering a free poetry workshop byMatthew Landrum, Poetry Editor of Structo Magazine (limited spaces available).

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Thomas McClurg. He’s a local indie author and is presenting on the topic of screenwriting.

1. I assume most of our attendees are book writers (fiction, nonfiction, memoir etc.) or poets. Tell me why you think Jot attendees should consider taking a stab at screen writing.

Short answer: Because I think it’s a fascinating discipline. I find theact of creating scenes and characters with words and imagining that theyare being translated into a film by actors and directors to be a treat forthe imagination…

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