How can you write with the kids around? Part 4


(photo by Amanda M. Bowman

  1. Avoid time wasters.

No, children are not time wasters. And your spouse definitely is not.

But TV and especially internet can be. I’m privileged to write on an antique computer, the kind that has no access to the internet. When I’m writing, I’m actually writing. When I need information, I will get it another time.

Multitasking is impossible for most things. You can brainstorm while going on a walk. But you cannot write while surfing. You can edit while riding the bus. But you cannot research while watching TV. You may disagree, but it’s your loss.

  1. Get accountable

Tell everyone that you are writing, and tell them your deadline. For example, you could ask a critiquing friend, “Can you read part of my book and answer a few questions? I’ll have it to you in four weeks.” Write the deadline on the calendar.

Gamble. Give a friend a large amoung of money. ($50+) If you meet your deadline, you get the money back. If you don’t, you lost $50. Most any friend will go for this.

  1. Get your family involved.

Depending on your story, tell it to your kids.

If you can’t (because it is adult appropriate), perhaps your spouse could help you come up with ideas. My wife and I recently had a wonderful conversation about a romance section in my next book. She came up with so many helpful ideas. The key for this to work, however, is for you to write down the ideas.

Actually pay attention to the ideas.

Yes, you’ll “waste” quality writing time. But, actually you won’t. You’ll have a better story, a supportive spouse, and a better chance of finishing.

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