Accessibility is everything: Victory over apathy

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You want to cook a meal, but you have to thaw the meat. So you don’t.

You want to get in shape, but you have to drive to the gym. So you don’t.

You want to write a novel, but you have to find where to start. So you don’t.

You want to send a letter, but you have to get a stamp. So you don’t.

You want to email a friend, but you have to turn on the computer. So you don’t.

So many pathetic excuses!

How do you expect to get anything done when you have to set it up first? Isn’t it strange how even 1 minute of set up can keep you from doing what needs to be done?

So, what do you do?

Make everything you need accessible.

For fitness, focus on bodyweight exercises. See

(Notice how if there’s a link you may check it out, but if I asked you to search “Matt Furey,” it requires extra work and you would either give up or get sidetracked)

This does require quite a bit of planning ahead. You need to know the steps so that you have the “ingredients” for the “recipe.”

How to make your writing accessible:

1. Keep a notebook

2. Mark where you left off.

This is especially important if you don’t write in order. For me, I write the part I’m interested in, later going back to fill in the blanks. If I don’t know the details or how to word the section, I can come back later.

3. Mark where you will continue.

This is even more important. If you can find your spot in seconds and skim the paragraph before, you are ready to begin. Without the marks I would take too long finding out where to begin, losing motivation.

4. Keep a plan of “Do Next”

Besides knowing where to keep writing, have a list of what steps come next. You can work on many of these at the same time. For example:

Print pages 20-30 so I can edit them

Plan next blog post

Get list of agents

Take some time now to plan out what is next. It may use your writing time today, but it will motivate you and you will more than earn back your time.


3 thoughts on “Accessibility is everything: Victory over apathy

  1. Hi, Daniel, sorry about what may seem a silly question. Since I have problems of motivation want to take your advise seriously…How do you mark where you left off or the paragraphs where you will continue. Just highlight them in different colours? And finally, do you use any specific software for writing which is not msword? Thanks! Teresa.

    • Teresa,
      Great question!
      Usually I put asterisks ** for parts that I need more information about. I’ll put more of them ***************** for where I’ll start writing the next time.
      This takes almost no time and I can search for it later (Hold down the Ctrl button, then press F)

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