Why do you live?


I was excited when Timothy Ferriss recently came out with his third book, “The Four Hour Chef.” His goal in each book is to deconstruct one aspect of life (work, fitness, learning languages, cooking…;) in order to learn it faster, master it, and spend time on what he values most.

Ferris’ train of thought goes like this:

-Why do we learn and work? To get money.

-Why do we want money? To buy things we want.

-Why do we buy things? To get experiences.

According to his reason, life is based on getting the experiences we want. I think these can be…

-Travel, not be stuck at home.

-A job I love, not one I dread.

-Joy and pride from my purchases, not jealousy over what I don’t have.

-Time with people I love, not being alone.

I would add one final aspect to all this. Why do we want experiences? For the memories.

When I am old and incapacitated, I want to lie in my comatose state thinking of all that I experienced. I want to dream of my family and friends, the people I’ve influenced for the better, and the goals I’ve accomplished, and how I’ve done my part to make others’ worlds better. Those are the memories I live for.


2 thoughts on “Why do you live?

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    • Erma,
      You may be right. I suppose it all depends on what you are looking for in life. During our time here on earth, one person’s paradise could be another’s purgatory.

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