Taking a well deserved vacation


Multiple choice—choose YOUR best answers.

Imagine your perfect vacation. Amidst all the gorgeous scenery of _____________________,

A. the mountains

B. the ocean

C. the woods

D. the moon

you think of all that you finally have time to do, such as _____________________.

A. hiking

B. swimming

C. relaxing

D. not breathing oxygen (applicable only if on moon)

You are with your favorite people in the world: _____________________.

A. spouse

B. children

C. friends

D. dog (because you have no friend)

And you finally can spend time with them _____________________

A. playing euchre (if you have 3 friends)

B. embellishing and arguing memories

C. cuddling (save this for spouse and/or small children)

D. budgeting

Great work—A+. Feeling excited about getting away from it all?

Why do we say “get away from it all”? Didn’t we choose to fill our lives with the people and activities we seek to escape?

I have a theory that most of us want two things in a vacation. 1. New experiences. 2. Not having to do anything.

How can you make changes so that you can avoid having to do things? The simplest and least realistic is to say no to everything: job, spouse, volunteer opportunities. In this case, other volunteers will be required to make meals for you at the homeless shelter. So, scratch that thought.

Perhaps a better idea is to use a timer. Set it whenever you have something you don’t want to do:

Phone calls





The timer allows you to blame it instead of yourself. About to talk to someone boring? Make sure your timer is set. When it goes off, politely excuse yourself, saying, “Sorry, I’ve got to go. I have an appointment.” It’s not a lie, and it will free you.

A second tip with a timer is to set it for less time than you need, just like when baking. This gives you a tiny adrenaline rush as you strive to beat the timer. I use this when grading essays. I leave myself just enough necessary time, but no extra. This keeps me from daydreaming.

When I finish whatever horrible task I couldn’t wait to get away from, I then can begin my “here” vacation, my “staycation,” trying new experiences and not having to do anything!

Please write comments on your experiences with making vacations with a timer.


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