Take time to make time: How to increase your energy

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8:00— too early to focus.

11:00— too hungry to focus.

1:00— too full to focus.

4:30— too late to focus

So when do you get anything done? How importantly, how do you avoid all these excuses?

They say exercise gives you energy, but don’t you just feel tired after it?

So keep it easy. In class I ask my lethargic students to get up and walk around the room. We take an unscheduled 2-3 minute break. Does it mean I’m a boring teacher because I have to do this?


Sometimes at home when I try to grade a stack of essays or write for an extended time, I lose focus and waste time counting how much longer I have to continue. But if I exercise every 10-15 minutes, can I get it done faster?

Here’s what I DON’T mean by exercise:

Going to the gym

Running 5 miles

Watching Richard Simmons

Doing any kind of full workout

Watching TV

Instead, try this:

Pushups or Squats (no equipment needed)

Dance to one song (no equipment needed)

Play with your kids or dog (no equipment needed—except the obvious animate object)

This latter group is better, why? Because it’s so short, requires no set up, and sure beats doing nothing.

Try this: Do your mundane task (possibly with a timer– http://danielfbowman.webs.com/apps/blog/show/20966222-taking-a-well-deserved-vacation ), after which you choose an exercise and do a set. Then back to the task.

Oh, yes, one further tip: choose an exercise you like. You will not work faster if you have to do hated pushups every ten minutes.

Now, I’m still trying to figure out how to implement this at work, although hiding in the bathroom to do a quick set of squats or wall pushups (not on the floor—yuk!) every hour or so might work. Just be careful not to grunt like a weight lifter, for then your coworkers may think you have many more problems than simply lack of energy.

On second thought, try taking a walk.


2 thoughts on “Take time to make time: How to increase your energy

  1. Great advice. Gotta get up and do something, thats the point. A few minutes speed walking around your building, some pushups or squats to wake you up. Thats a good use of your time, your body, and its free and helps you so very much.
    I love that you put, dance to one song. Its amazing the confidence music gives people, let alone the energy it gives you to make you WANT to dance.
    Dance is my go-to and has been for years. 🙂

    • Dancing is probably the best idea–but I’m limited to the Macarina and clumsy slow dancing with my wife!

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