Procrastination is your friend?

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How do you live the life you want? How can you slow life down so you can look around and enjoy it?

How do you make time for the important things in life, when everything else clamors for your attention?

Drum roll please…


The important part is what you procrastinate.

My whole life, I have wanted to do everything. And as I get older, the list of goals keeps growing. In college, I realized that I could put in 60+ hours a week practicing music, exercising, writing, thinking, traveling, learning … in all, not working! Now I have a wife and two kids. And a job. That 60 hours has shrunk to about 60 minutes—travel time included.

“There is never enough time to do everything, but there is always enough time to do the most important thing.”—Brian Tracy

So I have to decide what I will procrastinate.

1. Email and Facebook—check it once a day.

2. Answering the phone—I bought a nifty device that politely takes messages when I don’t answer.

3. Work—As a teacher, I often save my grading and prepping until after I do my own work. Because I fear getting fired, I know I will be ready for work. But if I do that work first…

4. Putting things exactly where they go—make a pile of things for other places, then take the pile all at once.

Do not procrastinate these:

1. Rest—you need sleep and will actually accomplish more with it. Plus, you can enjoy and remember your life this way. Live the dream, not in a dream.

2. Marriage—never let things get between you and your spouse. Not work. Not even children.

3. Exercise—five minutes can wake you up and give you energy. Keep it simple—pushups or squats. Take a walk. No equipment necessary.

4. Your goal—do it now! Before you check your email and Facebook. (Yes, I’m serious.) Set a timer and stick with it. Only then can you stop procrastinating.

One final tip—in order to best procrastinate, never end your work without planning your next stop. Otherwise, you will forget to procrastinate.


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