Facing the empty page


You sit at your desk to write, knowing your time is short.


You take a deep breath and stare in terror your page.



File:Caderno Sem Linhas.jpg



Notice how empty it is. Do you feel the fear?


“How dare I try to put my nonsense on this page?”


“What if I make a mistake?”


“What was I supposed to write?”



The fear grows, leaving you writing-less (like speech-less, but written).



Fight back!


1. Write about your past self


Sometimes I journal, simply adding thoughts until my mind is ready. This helps me put aside any problems or distractions on my mind. Once written, I know I can come back to them later and do not need to dwell on them.


**Caution—delete those private thoughts before showing your material to your teacher/reader in order to avoid the classic embarrassment-by-reading-of-your-diary.


2. Cheat


Other times I copy one of my favorite authors. I copy-paste from an e-book or spend five minutes typing out a passage. Once it’s on my page, I feel inspired that I could write something so well!


**Mark these so you avoid true plagiarism. Make sure your amazing story is your amazing story.


3. Write notes to your future self


Before you end any writing session, leave yourself a note where you will continue next time. This protects you from facing the empty page and allows your mind to keep thinking through ideas until you write again. Continue to write where you leave off so your page is never really empty.



So, copy-paste this and begin writing a response.



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