5 things you should never try

File:Chicken foot knife.jpg

Here are five experiences that I tried that make me who I am today. If you don’t want to end up like me, never do these. Never:

1. Try out for the long distance track team

-In high school my dad made me join the track team. When the coach asked me what I like to do, I told him, “Well, I like to read.”

-2 miles means 8 times around the track—do you feel dizzy yet?

2. Write a novel

-If you don’t finish it, you feel like a quitter.

-If you do finish it, you feel like you have just begun. Here comes the editing, marketing, and the need for another go at it.

3. Ask your wife if a flower is necessary for Valentine’s Day.


4. Volunteer at church

-You may know how this works. If you volunteer as a teenager, especially for Sunday School, you will have to remain the teacher until you are teaching the grandchildren of the first class.

5. Eat a chicken foot

-Not the leg, not the thigh—but the yellow part that holds the bird off the ground. The scaly part with claws. It tastes like chicken skin. Something to brag about, perhaps, but not a delicacy.

Each of these un-recommended activities (which I actually do recommend, except number 3) help you expand your horizons, make more memories, and improve your ability to sympathize and relate to others. So, try something that you think is impossible or strange and let me know about it.

Disclaimer–this is all sarcastic. Please don’t think I’m against Sunday school!


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