3 reasons to read what you written :)


I teach English as a second language to students from many countries. We recently began a new program in which students cannot pass their writing exam if they have a certain number of basic errors, like missing periods, or basic spelling and verb mistakes.

Needless to say, most students do not like this. But it forces them to read what they have written before submitting it. I believe this skill is necessary for everyone.

3 reasons to read what you written :)

1. Everyone make mistakes.

Some mistakes are simple. Their/there/they’re—I make this mistake a lot when I write fast, but I easily catch it when I check. Other mistakes like “There will be less people” are harder to catch because it sounds right. (see bonus below to find out how to fix this)

2. You never now who will read what you right.

What if a prospective employer finds out that you cannot use capital letters, or if you apply for college and don’t put in enough time on the essay to prove that you are ready to study there?

Also, be careful with names. In college I had a teacher named Dr. Mohrmann, whose name was regularly misspelled as Dr. Mormon—ironic at a Christian University, isn’t it?

3. It makes you to be a more disciplined person.

Part of living well involves trying hard and improving yourself. There is no need to act like a nerd, but why settle for being mediocre? Read again and try to fix it. If your bad at it, get someone else to check it.

Thanks in advance to my wife Amanda who will read this and find all the accident mistakes that I did not catch the first time.


1. Everyone make–>Everyone makes

Bonus–There will be less people–> There will be fewer people.

2. You never now who will read what you right.–> know, write

3. It makes you to be–> be

Bonus—If your bad–>you’re

Bonus—I hope you caught the mistake in the title: written–> wrote / have written


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